Less Is More With Mini Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implants

Why Choose Us For Your Mini Dental Implants?

Replace Your Missing Teeth Instantly!

Simple Process…Just Three Easy Steps…

Consultation And Pre-Op

Implants Placed*

Restoration Placed*

Mini dental implants have been used for many years to hold denture plates in position, providing patients with the ability to eat, smile, and speak with comfort and confidence.

Today, use of this non-surgical mini dental implant technology has been expanded for anything from replacing a single tooth to full mouth restoration. Thousands of implants have been placed with over a 95% success rate using these cost effective procedures.

The entire process consists of a consultation visit to your dentist with x-rays and impressions being taken. Then, at one treatment visit, your officially trained dentist will place the mini implant(s). In about 30 minutes, a single tooth can be replaced without the need to grind down healthy tooth enamel.

You can walk out ready to enjoy the foods you wish, without the long healing times and high costs associated with conventional implants. This same procedure can be used to replace multiple missing teeth usually in about an hour.


If you have loose dentures, single or multiple missing teeth, then mini dental implants may be the solution for you!
You can leave with a beautiful smile in as many as two office visits!